We connect people and promote innovative business across Europe and beyond

CDSESAI was established as a highly specialized organization, based on the experience of its staff in the field of grant writing and project management in cross-border projects.
Businesses and organizations today don’t have the ability to attract funds in a systematic and organized manner as this requires dedicated staff, diversified skills, experience and time. These are scarce resources and therefore very expensive for the management of an SME or a small NGO. CDSESAI bridges this gap by providing consulting across the entire project writing and project management chain.
At the same time, we devote ourselves to reviewing local and national policies to improve the framework in which organizations form the knowledge triangle operate, as well as for the development of innovative start-ups.

CDSESAI organizes events to bring to the attention of the population and the administrative bodies issues that need greater consideration in order to improve the competitiveness of businesses and the economy as a whole.
We are committed to creating partnerships between local and foreign organizations both to facilitate exchanges of know-how and to create new trade and cultural ties between Moldova and other countries.
Our training and mentoring programs, which enjoy ever greater interest, are open to anyone who wants to improve their fundraising skills, innovative management and business management capabilities.


Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme ever with nearly €80 billion of funding available for 2014-2020, a Europe 2020 flagship initiative aimed at securing Europe’s global competitiveness.
Moldova was the first EaP country to associate to H2020 as it was already an associated country for the FP7 funding program.

Our staff brings together a series of experiences and capabilities that have enabled us to create a free information point to disseminate initiatives and open calls from the program and to guide businesses and organizations in everything that Horizon 2020 represents today.
This activity is part of our mission to create links between the entities of the knowledge triangle (universities, research centers and businesses), and enable them to grow faster through an ever closer and more efficient interaction.


Stay tuned 

CDSESAI will be the official organizer of the Power Up! competition in Moldova for the 2018 edition. More information will be provided in March as the details on the timeline and requirements of the competition will be published.


This initiative aims at building up a network for information exchange, projects and initiatives concerning the development of new products, services and processes initiated by women actively engaged in science, technology and innovation.


Periodic thematic meetings to discuss pioneering knowledge, latest innovations and research results in order to share know-how and different visions, create a comunity of moldovan innovators and develop new project ideas.