On November 27,was held the Business Forum “Agriculture 2017”, an event organized within the framework of the Business Bridge Platform project, funded by the European Union. During the event, agricultural producers could learn about how they can adapt to market requirements and needs, how they can grow their exports, but also why they need to turn to value-added products such as honey and organic products in order to succeed on foreign markets.
At the opening of the event, some of the results of the “Business Bridge” platform were presented. The President of CDSESAI mentioned the creation of 4 associations on the left bank of the River Nistru, the support of 20 companies for attracting grant funds through the mentoring program developed by CDSESAI , the catalog of companies with a high export potential, and a study visit to Italy to facilitate the exchange of experiences and best practices in the management of producer associations.
During the Forum, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Ion Parea, talked about the need for agricultural producers to constantly adapt to the requirements of the market. He noted that both the internal market and the external market are increasingly demanding high-quality production, and especially a branch with high potential for development is that of biological products.
The session dedicated to the financing programs in the agricultural sector presented several opportunities from MIEPO, AIPA, IFAD and the “High Value Agriculture Activity (HVAA)” project initiated by USAID with a total budget of 21 million dollars by 2022.
The Business Bridge Platform is due to hold a training course dedicated to the managers of producer associations in December and will continue its work to support the development of economic and trade partnerships between the two banks of the River Nistru and the EU business environment.