The WIN Project, implemented by CDSESAI and financed by the American Embassy in Moldova between May 2018 and May 2019, will lead to the recognition of results obtained by women innovators from Moldova, including Transnistria region; a better visibility of women involvement in innovation activities and an increased interest towards STEM education.

Main outputs of the project will be: 6 events which will consolidate a critical mass of women innovators, established autonomous organisation Women Innovators Network, applications in relevant European and international contests dedicated for women innovators.

Analyzing the innovation potential in Moldova, CDSESAI has identified several problems that need to be addressed in the following years. Certain problems, like financing mechanisms for innovative activities or the lack of legislative framework for innovation development can be solved only through a consolidated approach between state institution, research and academic institutions and civil society organisations. Other problems, related to public perception of the innovation, it’s applicability and role in the economic development can be addressed through projects like WIN Moldova.

The main goal of WIN Project is to enhance the implication of women from Moldova, including Transnistria, in innovation activities.

Specific objectives of the project:

  • To identify and promote at least 20 prominent women innovators from Moldova (including Transnistria)
  • To boost the creation of the Women Innovators Network (WIN) in Moldova through 6 matchmaking events
  • To facilitate the participation of at least 3 suitable candidates in EU Prize for Women Innovators and other international competitions
  • To promote STEM education among 100 young women

WIN Moldova is the first project which intends to gather in a network women engineers, researchers and innovators in order to consolidate the sector of disruptive innovations pursued by women. A desk research established that the proposed platform has an unique concept for Moldova, compared to other women initiatives.
Also, the foreseen assistance for participation in international competitions for women innovators has never been done before in Moldova.